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10th National Monitoring Conference

Our biannual conference was held in Tampa, FL this year and was a great success. Over 700 attendees enjoyed field trips, excellent talks and plenary, and a chance to network with others. Stay tuned for the conference summary, to be posted soon.


Seeing into Water in New Ways: The Visualizing Nutrients Challenge

Compelling, innovative, and comprehensive visualizations to inform on nutrient pollution and inspire action. Read about the winners of the Visualizing Nutrients Challenge here....

NEWSLETTER: Spring 2016 issue

The biannual National Water Monitoring News highlights success stories and other relevant topics from across the monitoring community. Browse our newsletter archive here.


COLLABORATION HIGHLIGHT: Nutrient Sensor Challenge

Federal agencies, the Alliance for Coastal Technologies, the Council, and other partners are issuing a challenge to accelerate the development of new affordable technologies to measure nutrients. Read more here...


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August 31, 2016 - Exploring the Worlds of Citizen Science and Volunteer Monitoring

Learn about it here!

July 26, 2016 - Using the Right Tools to Develop Effective Science-Based Messages for Any Audience

Learn about it here!




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