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Understand, Restore, and Protect our Waters: The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (Council) provides a forum to improve the Nation's water quality through partnerships that foster increased understanding and stewardship of our water resources.

Council Highlights and New Products
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Fall 2014 National Water Monitoring News Newsletter is here...

And be sure to check out the Volunteer Monitoring News Issue 3

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Monitoring During Extreme Events (Floods, Droughts)

Check out our Youtube Channel to see four presentations on droughts, floods, storms, and why it's important to monitor water quality during extreme climatic events.

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Nutrient Sensor Challenge

Nutrient pollution is one of America's biggest environmental problems. Federal agencies, the Alliance for Coastal Technologies, and other partners are issuing a challenge to accelerate the development of new affordable technologies to measure nutrients. The Council's sensor workgroup is assisting by reviewing workplans and participating in future field testing. Read more about the nutrient sensor challenge...

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Continuous Monitoring for Nutrients: State of the Technology and State of the Science

Watch and listen as Brian Pellerin from the USGS California Water Science Center discusses the state of the technology for continuous monitoring of nutrients in rivers and streams and several examples from USGS studies on our new Youtube channel.

2013-14 Council Highlights

The Council and its many partners have made significant advances in data management and information dissemination, volunteer monitoring, State and regional councils, and much, much more! Read more...

NEMI 4.0: National Environmental Methods Index

Since 2002, NEMI has been helping scientists find and and compare environmental method information. Come check out the major upgrade, with new features and the addition of protocols.

Site map from WQX COUNCIL PRODUCT: Water Quality Portal

Chemical, physical, and biological data from both NWIS (USGS) and STORET (EPA) are readily accessible online from the Water Quality Portal, a web service sponsored by the USGS, EPA, and the Council.

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National Network of Reference Watersheds and Monitoring Sites for U.S. Freshwater Streams

A collaborative and multipurpose national network of reference watersheds and monitoring sites is being developed to provide quality-assured data and information for use in understanding the effects of land use change, water use, atmospheric deposition, and climate change. Read more here...