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NEMI: National Environmental Methods Index

Since 2002, NEMI (http://www.nemi.gov/) has helped the scientific community find the environmental methods they need with an easy-to-use, searchable online database of both regulatory and non-regulatory methods.

"Greener" Methods Profiles

A project that aims to define, identify, and promote analytical chemistry methods that use fewer harmful solvents, use safer chemicals, and minimize waste has been initiated by the American Chemical Society's Green Chemistry Institute. Working with the Board GCI is attempting to define metrics and rules and apply these to the methods in NEMI.

Help NEMI Grow

The USGS and the EPA are partnering with private organizations that would like to help NEMI continue to grow.

Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), potential partners are being identified to provide funding and assistance for the following activities:

  • support the search for, and entry into the database of, new methods that can be included in NEMI
  • suggest new types of regulatory information to include
  • determine outreach approaches and prepare materials to broadcast the usefulness of NEMI in professional journals, newsletters, and on the Web

Cooperative partners will benefit by:

  • gain visibility through public recognition of their involvement
  • interact strategically with other leaders in the industry

To learn more, please see the Opportunity Brief on the NEMI Web site.