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  • An approach for determining bioassessment performance and comparability (2012) -- applies the approach to evaluating comparability of biological monitoring and assessment programs in the USEPA Region 4 statesPDF icon

  • Biological Monitoring Quality Control (2011) -- book chapter that describes the logic and provides a more comprehensive structure for analysis of biological assessment comparability PDF icon

  • Field Sampling Precision (2008) -- field sampling precision for stream indicators used by Montana DEQ PDF icon

  • Taxonomic Precision (2008) -- precision of taxonomic indentifications used by the USEPA National Aquatic Resource Survey PDF icon

  • Determining the Comparability of Bio-assessment methods and their results: NWQMC National Monitoring Conference 1998, Reno, NV. (Diamond, J.M., J.B. Stribling, and Yoder, C., 1998)

  • Characterizing and comparing bioassessment approaches and their results: A perspective: J. North American Benthological Society 15:713-727. (Diamond, J.M., J.B. Stribling, and M.T. Barbour, 1996)

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  • National Environmental Methods Index (Fact sheet, 2006)

  • National Environmental Methods Index (Fact sheet, MDCB 2003)

  • The National Environmental Methods Index as a Tool to Achieve Methods Comparability: American Water Works Association - Water Quality Technology Conference, Nashville, TN, Nov. 2001 (Keith, L., Sullivan, D., Boiani, J., Brass, H., and Peters, C., 2001)

   Performance-based Systems and Nutrients

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