Data and Method Quality Objectives

Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) and Measurement Quality Objectives (MQOs) are, or should be, the foundation of all monitoring studies. DQOs and MQOs define the objectives for the monitoring and the data quality needed to respond to those objectives.

DQOs are statements that define the confidence required in conclusions drawn from data produced by a project. MQOs are statements that contain specific units of measure such as percent recovery, percent relative standard deviation, standard deviation of X micrograms per liter, or detection level of Y parts per billion. MQOs should be thoroughly specified to allow specific comparisons of data to an MQO.

   More Information

  • EPA Quality System -- EPA uses its Quality System to manage the quality of its environmental data collection, generation, and use. The primary goal of the Quality System is to ensure that our environmental data are of sufficient quantity and quality to support the data's intended use. Under the EPA Quality System, EPA organizations develop and implement supporting quality systems. Similar specifications may also apply to contractors, grantees, and other recipients of financial assistance from EPA


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