The Methods and Data Comparability Board is a partnership of water-quality experts whose mission is to develop water-quality monitoring approaches that facilitate collaboration and comparability amongst all data-gathering organizations. The Board develops products that enhance our ability to achieve real environmental gains while making the best use of the limited resources available for water-quality monitoring.


The Aquatic Sensor Workgroup is a public-private partnership of water-quality monitoring agencies, industry, and academia. Our mission is to ensure that water-quality data collected by sensors are of known and documented quality.

Field Deployment Guide

The ASW Field Deployment Guide is intended to be used as a checklist of considerations to guide both new and experienced users in the deployment of water-quality monitoring systems using sensors. The Guide is organized in four sections: (Read more and download files here...)

QA (ACRR) Matrix

The Sensor QA (ACRR) Matrix is a checklist of actions you can do to Affect, Check, Record, and Report the quality of your Sensors' measurements. A number of data quality aspects are addressed. The Matrix reflects... (Read more and download files here...)

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