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Working Together for Clean Water: 2017-2019 Council Highlights

The Council exists to bring together the diverse expertise needed to develop collaborative, comparable, and cost effective approaches to monitor and assess our Nation’s water quality. Check out what we've been up to here.

Publish Data to the Water Quality Portal

A new fact sheet on Publishing Your Data to the Water Quality Portal is available to answer questions and get users started on the road to being a Portal partner.


National Water Monitoring News - Spring 2019

The biannual National Water Monitoring News highlights success stories and other relevant topics from across the monitoring community. Browse our newsletter archive here.


FACT SHEETS: Using Water Quality Tools

The Council has released two new fact sheets on how to use the Water Quality Portal and Water Quality Indices and Report Cards tools to help guide users in the management and use of water quality data.

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Volunteer Monitoring: Macroinvertebrates.org

November 19 @ 2:30 p.m. EDT

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Do you have water-quality monitoring topics or issues you’d like to see in the next edition of the newsletter or covered in a webinar? Are there topics you’d like the National Water Quality Monitoring Council to address in coming months and years? If so, you can contact us with our new Suggestion Box!