National Monitoring Conference 2002 - Building a Framework for the Future


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How clean is our water?

What is the condition of our surface, ground, estuarine, and coastal waters?

Answering those questions, today and in the future, requires us to build a framework for the coordination of consistent and scientifically defensible strategies that will improve water quality monitoring, assessment, and reporting.


This conference will provide participants with opportunities for sharing successes, discussing issues, networking with colleagues, and bringing new and innovative ideas back to their own programs.

Building a framework for the future is organized around several thematic tracks (illustrated in the diagram to the right) each with a slate of topical sessions.  Starting with Setting the stage for monitoring and ending with Data to information to action, these elements, taken together, provide a framework for monitoring. 

The conference agenda will include plenary speakers, paper presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, facilitated discussion sessions, posters, exhibits, and field trips. 

This will be a working conference where we’ll all play a role in identifying the issues and the collective steps needed to build a monitoring framework for the future!


Special Thanks to all of our Conference Sponsors
US Geological Survey, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Dept. of Agriculture, Madison Water Utility, Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council, Tennessee Valley Authority, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, and Ground Water Protection Council


Conference Co-Chairs

Chuck Spooner, USEPA

Charlie Peters, USGS

Linda Green, University of Rhode Island Watershed Watch

Planning Committee

Peter Tennant, ORSANCO

Tim Kubiak, USFWS

Greg Gross, MN Pollution Control Agency

Don Dycus, Tennessee Valley Authority

Lyle Cowles, USEPA

Cliff Annis, Merck and Company

John Klein, USGS

Toni Johnson, USGS

Rodney DeHan, FL Geological Survey 

Herb Brass, USEPA 

Fred Banach, CT DEP 

Jim Cox, National Association of State Conservation Agencies 

Geoff Dates, River Network 

Ric Lawson, Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council 

Gail Mallard, USGS

Dave Denig-Chakroff, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies


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