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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session A


New Jersey Water Monitoring Inventory: The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Water Monitoring Activities in New JerseyAlena Baldwin-Brown, Leslie McGeorge, Paul Morton, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Strategies for Determining Contributions from Geologic and Anthropogenic Sources of Arsenic to Inner Coastal Plain Streams in New Jersey, USA
Julia L. Barringer, Pamela A. Reilly, Robert Rosman, Jennifer L. Bonin, Melissa L. Riskin, U.S. Geological Survey; Kimberly Cenno, Barbara Hirst, Mira Gorska, Marzooq Alebus, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Integrated Approach for Fast Characterization of Eutrophic Lake Quality (Water and Sediments)
Estelle Baurès, French School of Public Health; Olivier Chabrol, José Audet-Lecouffe, Sherbrooke University; Olivier Thomas, French School of Public Health

Use of Biological Condition Gradients to Inform the Establishment of Regulatory Thresholds for Macroinvertebrate Data
Kevin Berry, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

A Predictive Model for Anti-Degradation Monitoring of the Delaware River
Karen A. Blocksom, Joseph E. Flotemersch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Robert L. Limbeck, Delaware River Basin Commission

Turbidity Sensors and the Optical Properties of Coastal Waters
Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine

Fish Tissue Monitoring For Mercury in New Jersey
Gary A. Buchanan, Bruce Ruppel, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Using Biological Monitoring Data to Assess Biodiversity Conservation in the Delaware River Basin
Cara A. Campbell, Lori A. Redell, Erin E. Root, U.S. Geological Survey

A Trial of New Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in a Tidally Restricted Coastal Lagoon, Cape Cod
Kelly Chapman, Krista Lee, National Park Service

Large Volume Automated Sample Collection Techniques for Determination of Enteric Viruses in Water
Steven R. Corsi, Peter E. Hughes, U. S. Geological Survey; Mark Borchardt, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; Chris Magruder, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Long-Term Water Quality Monitoring Program For the New York/New Jersey Harbor
Mick DeGraeve, Great Lakes Environmental Center; Ashley Pengitore, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners; Beau Ranheim, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Pesticides in Salmonid-Bearing Streams: Intensive and Passive Sampling In an Agricultural Drain
Daniel J. Dugger, Chris B. Burke, Jerry D. Jorden, Paul D. Anderson, Washington State Department of Ecology; Jim Cowles, Washington State Department of Agriculture; Dale Norton, Washington State Department of Ecology

Califorinia Monitoring and Assessment Program (CMAP) for Perennial Streams
Melenee Emanuel, State Water Resource Control Board, Sacramento (SWRCB)

Networked In-Situ Water Monitoring
Joseph R. Geary, Gary Nijak, Jr., Jeffrey W. Talley, University of Notre Dame

Raritan Basin Stream Restoration Framework: Project Identification through Project Monitoring
Kathleen Hale, New Jersey Water Supply Authority; Jeremiah Bergstrom, TRC Solutions, Inc.; Jennifer Brunton, Richard Bolton, The Louis Berger Group; Christine Hall, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Shandor Szalay, AKRF, Inc.

Using Stream Assessments and Water Quality Monitoring to Develop Watershed Restoration Plans
Kathleen Hale, Tara Petti, Todd Kratzer, New Jersey Water Supply Authority

Examining Biological Transport of Mercury from the Ocean to the Watershed: A Case of Pacific Salmon Life History
Bruce Finney, Idaho State University; Jawed Hameedi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Sathy Naidu, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Planning BMPs for Stream Restoration: Get the Most Bang for your Buck
Patricia A. Hamlett, Tennessee Valley Authority

A Method of Determining Wetland Pond Flow Paths Using Water Quality Measurements and GIS
Jeremy S. Hanlon, William T. Stringfellow, University of the Pacific

Supporting Volunteer Monitoring Efforts Across the Country
Elizabeth Herron, Linda Green, University of Rhode Island; Kristine Stepenuck, Robin Shepard, University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison, WI; Arthur Gold, University of Rhode Island

Cyanotoxin ELISA Testing In Delaware: Process Development
Edythe M. Humphries, Katherine Painter, Ben Pressly, State of Delaware

Development of Sensitive Immunoassay Formats for Algal Toxin Detection
Lisa Kamp, Jennifer Church, Fernando Rubio, Abraxis LLC

THE FLEXIGRID: A Universal Spatial Sampling Frame
Revital Katznelson, University of California Extension, Berkeley (Instructor)

Defining the Greenness of Monitoring Methods
Lawrence H. Keith, Environmental & Chemical Safety Educational Institute; Jennifer L. Young, ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Using Advanced Algorithms for Continual Monitoring of Source Water
Dan Kroll, Hach Homeland Security Technologies

Evaluating Surface Water pH Levels in New Jersey’s Coastal Plain
Christopher J. Kunz, Gigi Mallepalle, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The Yukon River Basin Water Quaility Monitoring Program: Partnerships between Governments and Grass Roots at the National and International Levels
Bryan Maracle, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council; Paul Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey

Optical Brighteners: Comparing Trap Sampling With Fluorometric Analysis
Cara Muscio, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Monitoring an Urban Stream: Stratagies and Results for Non-Point Pollution – Molly Ann Brook Passaic County, New Jersey
Richard R. Pardi, Michael Sebetich, William Paterson University

The Yukon River Basin Water Quality Monitoring Program: A Successful Transition from Government to Grass Roots
Paul Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey; Bryan Maracle, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council

EPA Pilot Study of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Fish Tissue
Leanne Stahl, John Wathen, U.S. EPA; Kevin Chambliss, Bryan Brooks, Alejandro Ramirez, Pilar Perez-Hurtado, Mohammad Mottaleb, Laura Dobbins, Baylor University; Blaine Snyder, John O’Donnell, Jennifer Pitt, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Trends in Stream Pesticide Concentrations in the Midwestern Corn Belt Area of the United States, 1992-2006
Daniel J. Sullivan, Aldo V. Vecchia, Jr., U.S. Geological Survey

Microbial Source Tracking Approaches of the NJ MST Working Group
John Tiedemann, Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute; William Sciarappa, Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension of Monmouth County

AQUATOX as a Tool to Understand Water Quality Stressors
Marjorie Coombs Wellman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Richard A. Park, Eco Modeling; Jonathan S. Clough, Warren Pinnacle Consulting, Inc.

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