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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session A

Session A1 - Results of the National Monitoring Network Pilot Studies

Moderator: Gail Mallard

The National Water Quality Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and their Tributaries: Results of the Pilot Phase | Abstract
Gail E. Mallard, U.S. Geological Survey; Jawed Hameedi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Charles Spooner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Summary and Results of the Lake Michigan Pilot Study of the National Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and their Tributaries | Abstract
John Hummer, Great Lakes Commission; Charlie Peters, U.S. Geological Survey

Summary and Results of the Delaware River and Bay Pilot Study of the National Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and Their Tributaries | Abstract
Robert Tudor, Delaware River Basin Commission

Summary and Results of the San Francisco Estuary National Water Quality Monitoring Network Pilot Study | Abstract
K.H. Harrold, Margaret Sedlak, S. Lowe, M. Connor, M. Williams, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Session A2 - Adding to our Water Quality & Watershed Monitoring Toolkits

Moderator: David Tucker

Landscape and Predictive Tools Methods Manual | Abstract
Jim Harrison, Don Ebert, Ellen Tarquino, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

New Monitoring and Mapping Technology in Watershed Management: A Tiered Approach to Identifying, Tracking and Remediating Pollution Sources in Watersheds | Abstract
Bill Sciarappa, Brian Hulme, Rutgers Cooperative Extension – Monmouth County; Cara Muscio, Rutgers Cooperative Extension – Ocean County; John Tiedemann, Michael Witty, Jessica Lisa, Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute; Craig Phelps, Rutgers University

Monitoring Study Designs to Protect Your Stormwater Investment | Abstract
Neely L. Law, Lisa Fraley-McNeal, Karen Cappiella, Center for Watershed Protection

Applying GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques as Monitoring Tools in Multinational Watershed Conservation: The Case of Senegal River Basin in West Africa | Abstract
Edmund Merem, Yaw Twumasi, Jackson State University

Session A3: Monitoring and Assessment of Lakes to Address Management Needs

Moderator: Fred Leslie

Effectively Using a Handheld Fluorometer to Predict Laboratory Extracted Chlorophyll-A Measurements in Lake Water Samples | Abstract
James Lesko, Eileen Boekestein, Grace College

Stuffies, Beavers and Eutrophication in the Shickasheen Watershed | Abstract
Linda Green, University of Rhode Island

Watershed Influences and In-Lake Processes – A Regional-Scale Approach to Monitoring a Drinking-Water Reservoir, Lake Houston, Texas | Abstract
Timothy D. Oden, Jennifer L. Graham, Michael J. Turco, U.S. Geological Survey

Volunteer Lake Water Quality Data – An Effective Tool for Lkae Management | Abstract
Elizabeth Herron, University of Rhode Island

Session A4: Monitoring the Physical Processes of Ocean-Inland Interactions

Moderator: Revital Katznelson

Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of a Coastal Rhode Island Salt Pond | Abstract
Edward Callender, Salt Ponds Coalition; B. McArdle, University of Rhode Island

Potential for Statewide Saline Encroachment of Florida Spring Water | Abstract
Rick Copeland, Florida Geological Survey; Neal A. Doran, Patrick Henry College; Aaron J. White, Florida Geological Survey; Sam B. Upchurch, SDII-Global Corp.

Dispersion and Mixing in Estuaries and Coastal Seas | Abstract
Robert J. Chant, Josh Kohut, Scott Glenn, IMCS Rutgers University

The National Mercury Monitoring Network: Report From the May 2008 Workshop | Abstract
Richard Artz, Mark Cohen, Jawed Hameedi, Tony Lowery, Winston Luke, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Session A5: Statistics in Survey Design

Moderator: Michael McDonald

Towards a Joint National and State Partnership in Aquatic Resource Assessment Monitoring Survey Design | Abstract
Anthony R. Olsen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Assessment of Stream Resources in Wisconsin Using Probabilistic Sampling Designs | Abstract
Michael A. Miller, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

A Review on Setting Appropriate Reach Length for Bioassessment of Streams and Rivers | Abstract
Joseph E. Flotemersch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; James B. Stribling, Tetra Tech, Inc.

What is the Minimum Number of Sites Needed for Precisely Assessing the Ecological Status of Mainstem Rivers? | Abstract
Robert M. Hughes, Alan T. Herlihy, Oregon State University

Workshop A - Communication Planning for Water Stewards

Speaker: Kerry Pflugh, New Jersey Department of Enivironmental Protection

Short Course A: Sharing Water Quality Data with EPA: An In-Depth Look at STORET and WQX, Parts 1 & 2
Speakers: Kristen Gunthardt, Dwane Young, US EPA

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