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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session B

Session B1 - Facilitated Discussion of the National Monitoring Network

This session will be a facilitated discussion of the Pilot Study phase of the National Water Quality Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and their Tributaries focusing on design refinements and future directions.

Session B2 - Monitoring Urban Environments

Moderator: Candie Wilderman

Improving the Accuracy of Sediment and Sediment-Associated Constituent Concentration in Urban Runoff | Abstract
William R. Selbig, U.S. Geological Survey

Computing Time-Series of Suspended-Sediment Concentrations and Loads from In-Stream Turbidity and Streamflow Data | Abstract
Patrick P. Rasmussen, J.R. Gray, A.C. Ziegler, G. Doug Glysson, U.S. Geological Survey

The Urban Stream Continuum: The Effects of Upland Riparian Zones and Engineered “Urban Karst” on Organic Matter, Contaminant Fluxes and Lotic Ecology | Abstract
Kenneth Belt, U.S. Forest Service/University of Maryland, Baltimore; Sujay Kaushal, Christopher Swan, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Richard Pouyat, U.S. Forest Service/University of Maryland, Baltimore; Peter Groffman, Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Sediment Transport and Sources in an Urbanizing Watershed, Johnson County, Kansas, 2006-07 | Abstract
Casey J. Lee, U.S. Geological Survey; Lee J. Kellenberger, Johnson County Stormwater Management Program; Andrew C. Ziegler, U.S. Geological Survey

Session B3 - Microbial Source Tracking

Moderator: Leslie McGeorge

Microbial Source Tracking (MST) in South Carolina: Lessons Learned and Future Directions | Abstract
Janet A. Gooch, J.R. Stewart, L.F. Webster, B.J. Robinson, B.C. Thompson, M.H. Fulton, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

New Jersey’s Application of Microbial Source Tracking Techniques | Abstract
Eric Feerst, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Agricultural Characterization, Land Use Assessment and Microbial Source Tracking Within the Wreck Pond Brook Watershed | Abstract
Bill Sciarappa, Brian Hulme, Rutgers Cooperative Extension – Monmouth County; Cara Muscio, Rutgers Cooperative Extension – Ocean County; John Tiedemann, Michael Witty, Jessica Lisa, Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute; Craig Phelps, Rutgers University

Identifying the Origin, and Impact of Temperature, on Enterococcus Concentrations, Persistence, and Re-Growth Through Microbial Source Tracking and Monitoring at a Long Island Sound Bathing Beach | Abstract
Caitlyn Nichols, Boris Rukovets, Interstate Environmental Commission; Troy Scott, BCS Laboratories, Inc.; Brian Mitchell, Interstate Environmental Commission; Ernest Pizzuto, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

Session B4 - Monitoring Strategies to Support Federal & State Objectives

Moderator: Joan Warren

ADEM’s Monitoring Strategy for Streams and Rivers: Using Generalized Disturbance and Stressor Gradients to Meet Multiple Objectives | Abstract
Lisa Houston Huff, Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Water Quality Monitoring in the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River | Abstract
Jason Siemion, Peter Murdoch, U.S. Geological Survey; Alan Ellsworth, National Park Service

Examining Impaired Waters from Different Angles: Multi-Prong Monitoring to Support the Lower Minnesota River Model | Abstract
Catherine E. Larson, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services; William F. James, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center; Philip J. Murphy, HydrO2, Inc.; Gary G. Rott, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Thomas A. Winterstein, U.S. Geological Survey

Water Quality Data Collection: The Water Quality Standards Perspective | Abstract
Debra Hammond, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Session B5 - Communication Works Both Ways

Moderator: Peter Tennant

Sharing Data form and Sustaining a Long-Term Monitoring Program | Abstract
Nicole Rahman, South Branch Watershed Association

How Do You Tell Them, and Whom Do You Tell? | Abstract
Vera L. Williams, California State Water Resources Control Board

Using the Principles of Public Participation in the Development and Communication of National Monitoring Programs | Abstract
Toni M. Johnson, Tracy Connell Hancock, U.S. Geological Survey

From the Mountains to the Sea: Getting the Word Out on the Health of Maryland’s  Freshwater Streams | Abstract
Daniel Boward, Scott Stranko, Ron Klauda, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Special Session B6: Hackensack River Oyster Project: Integrating Volunteer Monitoring to Develop a Benthic Restoration Plan

Speakers: Meredith Comi, NY/NJ Baykeeper; John Ponticorvo, Hudson County Schools; Beth Ravit, Rutgers Environmental Research Clinic; Nick Vos-Wein, Hackensack Riverkeeper

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