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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session C

Session C1 -Emerging Environmental Protection Issues and Modeling Challenges I

Moderator: Tim Wool

Benefits of Diverse Watershed Modeling Approaches: Case Study From New York State | Abstract
Heather E. Golden, Christopher D. Knightes, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Elizabeth W. Boyer, The Pennsylvania State University

Estimating Ecosystem Responses to Changes in Mercury Loading: Lessons from the METAALICUS Project | Abstract
David Krabbenhoft, Michael Tate, Reed Harris, Andrew Heyes, Vince St. Louis, Jennifer Graydon, Brian Branfireun, U.S. Geological Survey

US EPA’s Ecological Models for Integrated Watershed Management | Abstract
Brenda Rashleigh, M. Craig Barber, Susan Cormier, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Use of Monitoring Data in the Development of Nutrient Criteria and TMDL Target Development | Abstract
Tim A. Wool, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Session C2 - Wastewater Monitoring & Design Technology

Moderator: Mike Henebry

Implementing Early Warning of Toxic Chemical Intrusion into a WWTP by Using Remote Toxic Chemical Sensors Communicating over Cellular Wireless Telemetry into a Central SCADA System with Advanced Alarming and Voice Notification | Abstract
Bob Rutemiller, Muminu Badmus, Hiram Tanner, DC WASA

Nitrification Inhibition Study of Landfill Leachate on a BNR Wastewater Treatment Plant | Abstract
Geoff Hinshelwood, Universal Laboratories

Monitoring for Localized Bioaccumulation of Mercury | Abstract
Stephen McCord, Tom Grovhoug, Juliet Simpson, Larry Walker Associates; Vicki Fry, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District; Dane Hardin, Applied Marine Sciences

Analysis of Selenium Speciation in Difficult Matrices such as Sour Water and FGD Wastewater | Abstract
Amy L. Dahl, Monica Garcia-Strickland, Frontier GeoSciences, Inc.

Session C3 - Development and Evaluation of Bioassessment Tools

Moderator: Nathalie Valette-Silver

An Evaluation of Six Biological Models Used to Assess the Condition of Large Streams from a Statewide Monitoring Network in Montana | Abstract
Randy Apfelbeck, Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Non-Conforming Metrics: Development of a Benthic Macroinvertebrate Index for the New Jersey Pinelands | Abstract
Dean Bryson, Victor Poretti, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Ben Jessup, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Documenting Taxonomic Data Quality for Field Fish Identifications: A Proposal for National Surveys | Abstract
James B. Stribling, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Joseph E. Flotemersch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Robert M. Hughes, Oregon State University; Louis B. Reynolds, Treda Smith, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Blaine Snyder, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Ellen Tarqunio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Christopher O. Yoder, Center for Applied Bioassessment and Biocriteria

Development and Implementation of a Systematic Biological and Assessment Process for Utah’s Streams | Abstract
Jeffrey D. Ostermiller, Utah Division of Water Quality

Session C4 - Documenting Monitoring Methods

Modeator: Larry Keith

Water Quality Protocols for Vital Signs Monitoring in National Parks | Abstract
Barry Long, Gary Rosenlieb, Roy Irwin, Pete Penoyer, National Park Service

Guidelines and Standard Procedures for the Use of Automatic Samplers for the Collection of Surface Water-Quality and Sediment Data | Abstract
G. Douglas Glysson, U.S. Geological Survey

New Features of the National Environmental Methods Index | Abstract
Daniel J. Sullivan, U.S. Geological Survey; Lawrence H. Keith, Environmental & Chemical Safety Educational Institute; Jennifer L. Young, ACS Green Chemistry Institute

The Greenness of Monitoring Methods | Abstract
Jennifer L. Young, American Chemical Society; Lawrence H. Keith, Environmental & Chemical Safety Educational Institute

Session C5 - Communication Works Both Ways

Moderator: Alice Mayio

Interactive Discussion on Your Needs, Successes, and Failures in Developing a Data Management System for Multiple Sources of Data

An Answer to Multiple Data Sources | Abstract
Nancy Lawler, Danielle Donkersloot, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Data Management and Sharing for Volunteer Monitoring Groups | Abstract
Randy Hill, Dwane Young, Kristen Gunthardt, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Are Statewide or Regional Databases Really Possible? | Abstract
Barb Horn, Colorado Division of Wildlife

Special Session C6: Mid-Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observation Regional Association (MACOORA): Where We Are and Need to Go in Coastal Water Quality Management

David Chapman, University of Delaware & MACOORA - Presentation
Peter Rowe, New Jersey Sea Grant Extension Program - Presentation
Danielle Kreeger, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary - Presentation
Thomas Herrington, The Center for Maritime Systems, Davidson Laboratory - Presentation
Matt Lyman, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Presentation

WORKSHOP B: Start with the End in Mind: Key Ingredients for Effectively Putting Your Data to Use, Parts 1 & 2

Speakers: Danielle Donkersloot, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Linda Green, URI Watershed Watch

Short Course B: Development of Probability Survey Designs for State Monitoring Programs

Speaker: Anthony Olsen, US EPA Western Ecology Division

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