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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session D

Session D1 - Emerging Environmental Protection Issues and Modeling Challenges II

Moderator: Tim Wool

Bolstering Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling via the Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Act | Abstract
Glenn Skuta, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Incorporating Measurement Uncertainty in Water Quality Monitoring and Model Evaluation | Abstract
Daren Harmel, USDA-ARS

The Importance of Concurrent Monitoring and Modeling for Understanding Mercury Exposure in the Environment | Abstract
Christopher D. Knightes, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Application of Spatially Referenced Regression Modeling to Assess Water-Quality Conditions in Major Regions of the United States | Abstract
Stephen D. Preston, U.S. Geological Survey

Session D2 - Source Water Monitoring and Protection

Moderator: Elias Greenbaum

Comparison of Chlorination and Ozonation for Removing Organic Wastewater-Related Contaminants in a Drinking-Water-Treatment Plant | Abstract
Jeffrey M. Fischer, Paul Stackelberg, Kristin Romanok, Jacob Gibs, U.S. Geological Survey; R. Lee Lippincott, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

St. Clair River – Lake St. Clair Drinking Water Protection Project: Part 1-Planning and Development | Abstract
Gary R. White, Macomb County Health Department; James W. Ridgway, Environmental Consuting & Technology, Inc.

The Development of a Monitoring Program to Assess Source Water Quality for a Desalination Facility on the Hudson River | Abstract
Michael A. Principe, HDR; Sameet Master, United Water, Sumant Mallavaram, HDR

The California Department of Water Resources’ Real-Time Data and Forecasting Project: Linking Water Quality Monitoring, Modeling, and Communication | Abstract
Theordore J. Swift, David Gonzalez, Cindy Messer, California Department of Water Resources

Session D3: Large Scale Monitoring and Assessments

Moderator: Gretchen Hayslip

The Canadian Aquatic  Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) | Abstract
Giselle Bouchard, Rob Kent, Robert Phillips, Environment Canada

Survey of the Nation’s Lakes: Overview and Preliminary Results | Abstract
Ellen Tarquinio, Daniel Olsen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Recent Revisions to the Design of the National Stream Quality Accounting Network | Abstract
Charles G. Crawford, U.S. Geological Survey

National Rivers and Streams Survey: Indicators and Field Methodologies | Abstract
Joseph Flotemersch, Tredra Smith, Ellen Tarquinio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Session D4 - Monitoring and Managing Nutrients

Moderator: Eric Vowinkel

N and P Transport Processes in a Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain Watershed | Abstract
A. Scott Andres, Delaware Geological Survey; William J. Ullman, University of Delaware

Analysis of Nutrient-Response Characteristics to Support Criteria Development for Constructed Reservoir | Abstract
Meredith Pavlick, Tamim Younos, Carl Zipper, Virginia Tech

Nutrient Trends and Loads in Northeastern U.S. Rivers, 1975-2003 | Abstract
Elaine C. Todd Trench, John R. Mullaney, R. Edward Hickman, Gregory E. Schwarz, Richard B. Moore, Elizabeth A. Ahearn, U.S. Geological Survey

Characterizing Spatial Variation of Nitrogen Delivery from Watershed to Stream Channel, Southeastern United States | Abstract
Anne B. Hoos, Gerard McMahon, U.S. Geological Survey

Session D5 - Implementing the 3C's in California - Communication, Coordination, & Collaboration

Moderator:  Val Connor

Development and Implementation of an Integrated Watershed-Wide Monitoring Program for the San Gabriel River (California) | Abstract
Scott C. Johnson, Aquatic Bioassay & Consulting Laboratories; Suzanne Dallman, The Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council; Brock Bernstein, Consultant; Eric D. Stein, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project; Monica Gasca, Phil Markle, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts; Michael Lyons, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

Monitoring Irrigated Agriculture-Strategy and Results | Abstract
Marjorie Lopez Read, California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

Enhancing State, Regional and Local Monitoring Programs: Coordinated Monitoring Program of the Sacramento and American Rivers in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, California | Abstract
Vyomini Pandya, R. Seyfried, S. Nebozuk, J. Parris, D. McGarth, L. Regenmorter, N. Bosch, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Building Partnerships for Water Quality Monitoring in California | Abstract
Terrence Fleming, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Special Session D6 - The Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observing System

Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut, Oscar Schofield, Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Studies
Robert Connell, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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