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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session E

Session E1 - Assessment of Nutrients and Chemistry in Coastal Systems

Moderator: Kirk Barrett

The Southern California Bight Regional Monitoring Program: Extending Local Monitoring to Understand Large Scale Sources, Fates and Effects | Abstract
Joseph R. Gully, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts; Kenneth Schiff, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project; Brian Edwards, U.S. Geological Survey

Management of Nitrogen Deposition in Coastal Bays and Estuaries | Abstract
Jawed Hameedi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Gulf of Mexico Alliance Approach to Developing Methods for Establishing Nutrient Criteria | Abstract
Steven H. Wolfe, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Natalie Buedon-Segrest, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Session E2 - Creating a Framework for Monitoring the Nation's Groundwater

Moderator: Robert Schreiber

Mission of the ACWI Subcommittee on Ground Water | Abstract
Robert Schreiber, Camp Dresser and McKee Inc.; William Cunningham, U.S. Geological Survey

The National Ground-Water Monitoring Network | Abstract
Rick Copeland, Florida Geological Survey; Robert Schreiber, Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc.; Kevin Frederick, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality; Thomas Patton, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Progress Report form the Data Standards and Data Management Workgroup of the Subcommittee on Ground Water | Abstract
A. Scott Andres, Delaware Geological Survey; Charles Job, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Common Field Practices to Ensure Comparability of Ground-Water Data | Abstract
R.A. Sheets, U.S. Geological Survey; M.P. Nickolaus, Ground Water Protection Council; William L. Cunningham, U.S. Geological Survey

Session E3 - Development and Implementation of Biological Indicators in Coastal Environments

Moderator: Darvene Adams

NOAA’s National Status and Trends Mussel Watch Program | Abstract
Edward Johnson, Kimani Kimbrough, Gunnar Lauenstein, John Christensen, Dennis Apeti, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Biomonitoring of Seagrass Habitat in New Jersey’s Coastal Bays | Abstract
Michael J. Kennish, Scott M. Haag, Gregg P. Sakowicz, Rutgers University

Development of Benthic Indicators for Nearshore Coastal Waters of New Jersey – A REMAP Project | Abstract
Charles J. Strobel, Henry A. Walker, Darvene Adams, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Robert Connell, Nancy Immesberger, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Michael Kennish, Rutgers University

A Description of the Ecological Condition of the Columbia River Estuary Using EMAP Data | Abstract
Gretchen Hayslip, Lorraine Edmond, Lillian Herger, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Session E4 - Innovative Approaches to Clean Water Act Assessments

Moderator: Tony Shaw

Data Collection and Application Using a Midified Stream Visual Assessment Protocol | Abstract
Katie A. Giacalone, Gregory M. Rusciano, Ellen Fyock, Christopher C. Obropta, Rutgers University

Using Biomonitoring Data to Identify Waters of Exceptional Ecological Significance and Implement Clean Water Act Antidegradation Policies in New Jersy | Abstract
Gigi Mallepalle, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Assessing Data Under 303(d) and 305(b) of the Clean Water Act Using Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 14 Level Watersheds as an Assessment Unit | Abstract
Nancy Immesberger, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Using Ambient Data to Establish Antidegradation Standards: The Utility of Non-Parametric Confidence Limits | Abstract
Erik L. Silldorff, Robert L. Limbeck, Thomas J. Fikslin, Delaware River Basin Commission

Session E5 - Partnering for Progress

Moderator: Chris Piehler

University of Delaware Citizen Monitoring Program: Enhancing Local Monitoring Efforts | Abstract
Joe Farrell, University of Delaware

Real-Time Monitoring in the St. Lawrence: Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ Tide Gauge Network | Abstract
Harry Weller, Paul Bellemare, Jeremy Hancyk, AXYS Technologies Inc.

The Taxonomy of Community-Based Monitoring: An Overview and Analysis of Models | Abstract
Candie C. Wilderman, Dickinson College; Eleanor Ely, The Volunteer Monitor

The Yukon River Basin Water Quality Monitoring Program: Partnerships between Governments and Grass Roots at the National and International Levels
Bryan Maracle, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council; Paul Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey

Session E6 - Analysis and Interpretation of Water Quality Data

Moderator: Gil Dichter

Using Full Factorial Analysis to Enhance Water Quality Monitoring Programs | Abstract
William S. Gonwa, Harris L. Byers, Brandon J. Koltz, Symbiont

More Than Doable: An Examination of Statistical Methods Used to Analyze Time Trends in Contaminant Data Containing Nondetects | Abstract
Douglas B. McLaughlin, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc., Western Michigan University

Summing Nondetects: Estimating Total Mass of Low-Level Contaminants | Abstract
Dennis R. Helsel, Practical Stats

Control of Sensitivity, Precision, and Bias at Two Levels: QC and Survey Design | Abstract
Roy Irwin, National Park Service

Session E7 -National Aquatic Resource Surveys – Part 1

Speakers: Joseph Flotemersch, Phil Kaufmann, Lou Reynolds, Treda Smith, Ellen Tarquinio, US EPA;, Larry Willis, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Workshop C - Evaluation of Your Monitoring Program - Are You Producing Measurable Results and How Do You Know? Parts 1 & 2

Speaker: Barb Horn, Colorado Division of Wildlife

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