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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session F

Session F1 - Bacteria Monitoring

Moderator: Daren Harmel

E. Coli Stream Standards: An Unrealistic Goal? | Abstract
Philip A. Russell, Littleton/Englwood Wastewater Treatment Plant

Investigating the Fate and Transport of Fecal Contamination Using Microbial Source Tracking | Abstract
Robert Miskewitz, Mehran Niazi, Katie Giacalone, Christopher C. Obropta, Rutgers University

Bacteria Monitoring Pilot Study | Abstract
Cheryl Snyder, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Session F2 - Groundwater Monitoring Programs from Across the Nation

Moderator: David Wunsch

Statewide Networking: Monitoring Ground-Water Quantity and Quality in Montana | Abstract
Thomas W. Patton, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Texas Groundwater Monitoring Strategy | Abstract
Cary L. Betz, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

New Jersey’s Ambient Ground Water Quality Monitoring Network: Network Design and Status of Shallow Ground-Water Quality | Abstract
Michael Serfes, Raymond Bousenberry, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and New Jersey Geological Survey; Jacob Gibs, U.S. Geological Survey

Model for Optimizing Regional or Statewide Ground-Water Monitoring in Complex Geologic Terrane | Abstract
David R. Wunsch, New Hampshire Geological Survey

Session F3 -  Monitoring Indicators of Ecological Health

Moderator: Kathleen Foley

The Importance of Headwater Wetlands and Water Quality in North Carolina
Rick Savage, Virginia Baker, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Factors Contributing to Type E Botulism Outbreaks at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore | Abstract
Brenda Moraska Lafracois, Ken Hyde, Jay Glase, Kristen Keteles, Jill Czarnecki, National Park Service

Fish Parasite Monitoring as an Index of Stream Health in San Francisco Bay Area, USA | Abstract
Mietek Kolipinski, National Park Service; Anindo Choudhury, St. Norbert College; Sibdas Ghosh, Dominican University of California

National Water Quality Surveillance Study for Waterbourne Pathogens and Associated Indicators in Agricultural Watersheds in Canada | Abstract
Robert J. Phillips, Rob Kent, Tom Edge, Daria Klonowska, Mike Meunier, Environment Canada

Session F4 -Integrated Monitoring Approaches to Assess Watershed Interactions

Moderator: Barry Long

Integrated Stream Monitoring to Inform Resource Management in Northern Colorado Plateau National Parks | Abstract
David Thoma, National Park Service; Anne Brasher, U.S. Geological Survey; Steve Garman, National Park Service

Integrated Monitoring of Stream Quality in an Urbanizing Kansas County | Abstract
Teresa Rasmussen, U.S. Geological Survey; Heather Schmidt, Johnson County Stormwater Management Program

Integrating Maryland’s Tidal and Nontidal Ecological Assessments | Abstract
Mark Southerland, Roberto Llanso, Ward Slacum, Beth Franks, Versar, Inc.; Anthony Prochaska, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Volunteer Monitoring: The Integrated Approach | Abstract
Jinnieth J. Woodward, Dickinson College

Session F5 -Data Management and Exchange 1

Moderator: Kristen Gunthardt

Development of Extensible Electronic Field Forms for Ecological Data Collection | Abstract
Mitchell A. Harris, Peter M. Ruhl, U.S. Geological Survey; Sean R. Allen, Eagle Vision Software Technologies, Inc.

Exchanging  Ambient Water Quality Data: A New Jersey Perspective on Transitioning form STORET to WQX | Abstract
Paul Morton, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

A New Paradigm in Data Sharing: The EPA-USGS Water-Quality Data Exchange | Abstract
Dwane Young, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Nate Booth, Jon Scott, U.S. Geological Survey

The Exchange and Integration of Monitoring Data to Address Management Questions at Multiple Scales | Abstract
Cristina S. Grosso, John R.M. Ross, Sarah Lowe, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Session F6 -Sensor and Sampler Technology

Moderator:  Dan Sullivan

AquaSentinel: A Real-Time Reagentless Biosensor System for Standoff Detection and Classification of Toxins in Source Water | Abstract
Elias Greenbaum, Miguel Rodriguez, Jr., Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Comparing On-Line Sensors: Application and Critical Review of the ISO Standard 15839 | Abstract
Peter A. Vanrolleghem, Mathiew Beaupfe, Marie-Claude Boudreault, Leiv Rieger, Universite Laval

The Alliance for Coastal Technologies: A Foundation for Environmental Monitoring | Abstract
Mario N. Tamburri, Alliance for Coastal Technologies; Mark Luther, University of South Florida

Sensor and Sampler Technology | Abstract
Chuck Spooner, US EPA

Session F7 - National Aquatic Resource Surveys – Part 2

Speakers: Joseph Flotemersch, Phil Kaufmann, Lou Reynolds, Treda Smith, Ellen Tarquinio, US EPA; Larry Willis, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

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