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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session G

Session G1 - Monitoring for Emerging Contaminants

Moderator: Tracy Hancock

Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Animal Waste Matrix and Their Leaching Properties | Abstract
Rominder P.S. Suri, Gangadhar Andaluri, Magdalena Velicu, Villanova University

Effect Monitoring for Endocrine Disrupting Substances in the Rhine River | Abstract
Minne B. Heringa, Kiwa Water Research; Sander C. van der Linden, BioBetectionSystems; Peter G. Stoks, RIWA

Use of Triclosan and Polycyclic Musks as Indicator Chemicals for Domestic Wastewater | Abstract
Tatsuji Ebihara, LFR Inc.; J.L. Strickland, CDM

Monitoring for Emerging Contaminants in Pennsylvania Waters | Abstract
Andrew G. Reif, J. Kent Crawford, Vicki S. Blazer, U.S. Geological Survey

Session G2 - Groundwater Monitoring: Methods, Needs, & Answers

Moderator: Timothy Parker

European Union Experience Developing Nationwide Groundwater Monitoring Networks | Abstract
Henning Moe, Robert P. Schreiber, CDM

ASTM International – Consensus Standards and Environmental Solutions | Abstract
Robert J. Morgan, ASTM International

Results of a National Inventory of Ground Water Level and Ground Water Quality Monitoring | Abstract
Mike Wireman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Lake Michigan Pilot Study – Ground Water | Abstract
Norman G. Grannemann, U.S. Geological Survey

Session G3 -  State Monitoring Strategies

Moderator: Diane Switzer

Ambient Water Monitoring Strategies in New Jersey: Headwaters to Near Shore Ocean | Abstract
Leslie J. McGeorge, Robert Connell, Jr., Alfred L. Korndoerfer, Jr., New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Using Probabilistic Monitoring Data to Report on the Condition and Stressors of Virginia’s Freshwater Rivers and Streams | Abstract
Jason R. Hill, Lawrence D. Willis, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Assessing the Status and Trends of California’s Estuarine Intertidal Wetlands: A Statewide Ambient Survey | Abstract
Martha Sutula, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project; Joshua N. Collins, San Francisco Estuary Institute; Adam Wiskind, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory; Chad Roberts, Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District; Chris Solek, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project; Ross Clark, California Coastal Commisison; Jeff Robinson, Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District; Elizabeth Fetscher, Eric Stein, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

A Survey of the States’ Monitoring Strategies | Abstract
Peter A. Tennant, Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

Session G4 - Monitoring Designs to Detect Climate Change

Moderator: Britta Bierwagen

Implications of Climate Change for Ecosystem Monitoring and Management | Abstract
Susan Julius, Jordan West, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Shifting Baselines of Perception and the Vulnerability of Reference Condition and Biological Monitoring to Climate Change | Abstract
Jeroen Gerritsen, Anna Hamilton, Michael Barbour, Michael Paul, Tetra Tech, Inc.

The Combined Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization on Stream Hydrology: Implications for Bioassessment Programs | Abstract
Michael Paul, Michael Barbour, Jeroen Gerritsen, Anna Hamilton, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Britta Bierwagen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Erik Leppo, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Exploring Opportunities to Use EPA/State National Aquatic Resource Surveys to Examine Climate Change | Abstract
Susan Holdsworth, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Session G5 - Innovative Analytical Techniques to Improve Assessment Decision

Moderator: Larry Merrill

Investigation into Baseflow Trends in New Jersey Streams Using Different Metrics and Timeframes | Abstract
Seth Xeflide, Kirk R. Barrett, Montclair State University

Using Attributable Risk to Assess the Regional-Scale Impacts of Environmental Stressors | Abstract
John Van Sickle, Steve Paulsen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Determining False Negatives in Volunteer Collected Data: The River Raisin Experience | Abstract
Jim Martin, Adrian College

Monitoring the Anatomy of Stratification – Diagnostic and Management Implications
Robert W. Kortmann, Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc.

Session G6 - QA/QC Considerations

Moderator: Arne Hultquist

Water Sensor Time Series Validation Using a Parity Space Method | Abstract
Peter Hudson, Tojraj Farahmand, Edward Quilty, Aquatic Informatics, Inc.

SWAMP Advisor: A Computer-Based Tool for Developing QAPPs | Abstract
Dawit Tadesse, California Water Resources Control Board; Larry Keith, Instant Reference Inc.

Data Comparability – Standardization of Data Quality Assurance Procedures across Monitoring “Networks of Networks” | Abstract
Chris Lochner, Phil Chau, Ayisha Yeow, Environment Canada

Workshop D: Water Words That Work, Parts 1 & 2

Speaker: Eric Eckl,

Short Course C: Population Estimation Using Probability Survey Designs, Parts 1 & 2

Speaker: Anthony Olsen, US EPA Western Ecology Division

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