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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session H

Session H1 - Data Management and Exchange II

Moderator: LeAnne Astin

Pulling Data into a Pile: A Simple, Innovative Approach to Data Management and Sharing | Abstract
Karen Worcester, Central Coast Water Board; David Paradies, Bay Foundation of Morro Bay; Mary Adams, Central Coast Water Board

Identifying and Assessing USGS Water-Quality Data | Abstract
Alex K. (Sandy) Williamson, U.S. Geological Survey

Exploring Data: New EPA Tools for Accessing Water Quality Data | Abstract
Randy Hill, Dwane Young, Kristen Gunthardt, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Unifying Concepts in Environmental Monitoring | Abstract
Revital Katznelson, University of California, Berkley

Session H2 - Groundwater Sustainability

Moderator: Charles Job

Aquifer-Based Ground-Water Management | Abstract
Mike Wireman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Aquifer Monitoring for Water Supply Utility Management
Vincent W. Uhl, Uhl Baron, Rana & Associates; Thomas Mazzaccaro, Montville Township Water & Sewer

Monitoring Ground-Water Levels, Long Island, NY | Abstract
Jack Monti, Jr., Ronald Busciolano, Stephen Terracciano, U.S. Geological Survey

Estimating Rates of Exchange Across the Sediment/Water Interface in the Merced River, California, Using Temperature as a Tracer and Direct Measurement | Abstract
Celia Zamora, U.S. Geological Survey

Session H3 -  Large Scale Coastal Monitoring Programs

Moderator: Sherry Hazelhurst

The National Estuarine Research Reserve Observations Pipeline: Improving Coastal Management with Assessments, Capability, and Delivery | Abstract
Whitley Saumweber, Susan White, NOAA Ocean Service

The State of San Francisco Bay: Water Quality | Abstract
Jay Davis, M.S. Connor, San Francisco Estuary Institute; A.R. Flegal, University of California Santa Cruz

Long-Term Monitoring of National Park Service Southeast Coastal Waters Using Established Protocols | Abstract
Eva M. DiDonato, Joseph C. DeVivo, National Park Service

The French Program for Monitoring and Assessing Coastal Water Status
Michel Marchand, Benoit Beliaeff, IFREMER

Session H4 - Data Analysis for Climate Effects

Moderator: Michael Paul

Using Biological Monitoring to Detect Climate Change Effects: A Classification of Bioindicators | Abstract
Britta G. Bierwagen, Susan Julius, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Michael Barbour, Jeroen Gerritsen, Anna Hamilton, Michael Paul, Tetra Tech, Inc

Use of a Watershed Model to Understand Watershed Sensitivity to Climate Change: A Case Study in the Monocacy River Watershed | Abstract
Thomas Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; John Kittle Jr., John Imhoff, Mark Gray, Aqua Terra Consultants

Assessing Trends: The Power of Biological Assessments to Detect Climate Change | Abstract
Michael Paul, Jeroen Gerritsen, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Britta Bierwagen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Anna Hamilton, Dave Bressler, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Long-Term Bioassessment Data Sets – Their Utility in Discerning Climate Change Signals and Differentiating These from Other Environmental Effects | Abstract
Anna Hamilton, Jeroen Gerritsen, Michael Paul, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Britta Bierwagen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Erik Leppo, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Session H5 - Using Hydrography and Cartography for Monitoring

Moderator: Faith Fitzpatrick

New Technology for Hydrographic Features: Implementing the National Hydrographic Dataset (NHD) at High Resolution (1:2400) in New Jersey | Abstract
Lawrence L. Thornton, Leslie McGeorge, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

A Significant Nexus Toolkit: NHDPlus as the Core for Analyses of Wetlands and Headwater Streams | Abstract
William Cooter, Jay Rineer, Shel Brannan, Kevin Pickren, RTI International; David Cunningham, MDA Federal

Using a Cross Correlation Approach to Wetlands Mapping | Abstract
David Cunningham, MDA Federal Inc. (formerly Earth Satellite Corporation)

Using the National Hydrography Dataset Plus to Improve Flow Modeling on the Central Coast of California | Abstract
David Paradies, Bay Foundation of Morro Bay; Karen Worcester, Mary Adams, Central Coast Water Board

Session H6 -Demonstrating Project Effectiveness through Monitoring

Moderator: Diane Switzer

Hoffman Park and Crystal Springs Stream Restoration Projects: Monitoring Project Success | Abstract
Kathleen Hale, Tara Petti, New Jersey Water Supply Authority; Jennifer Brunton, John Finkeldie, Donald Stevens, The Louis Berger Group

Stormwater BMPs – Reality vs. Theory | Abstract
William Honachefsky, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Challenges in Evaluation of Structural BMP Efficiency | Abstract
Suraj Shankar, Western Solutions, Inc.; Matthew Schmid, County of San Diego; Brendan Hastie, Rick Engineering; Steve Butkus, Tommy Wells, Mike Anghera, Weston Solutions Inc.

Designing Monitoring Programs to Evaluate BMP Effectiveness | Abstract
Ginger Paige, University of Wyoming; Nancy Mesner, Andree  Walker, Utah State University

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