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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session I

Session I1 - Advances in Mercury Monitoring

Moderator: John Hummer

Advances in Mercury Speciation Methodology | Abstract
Colin Davies, Annie Carter, Paul Danilchik, Brooks Rand Labs

Collection and Analysis of Surface-Water Samples for Determination of Low-Level Mercury Concentrations in New Jersey | Abstract
Christopher J. Kunz, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Heather a. Heckathorn, U.S. Geological Survey

Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury, Trace Metals and Map Ions in the Pensacola Bay Watershed | Abstract
Jane M. Caffrey, University of West Florida; S. Cleveland, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; K. Gosnell, W.M. Landing, Florida State University

Willamette River Mercury Characterization | Abstract
Allen J. Hamel, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Session I2 - Working Toward Better Communication between the Water Quality Monitoring Community and Modelers

Moderator: Elsie Sunderland

Watershed Central: An Integrated Watershed Assessment and Management Website | Abstract
Stuart Lehman, Joseph R. Williams, Curtis Cooper, Elizabeth Jackson, Kim Balassiano, Christine McKay, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Updating EPA’s Rates Constants and Kinetics Manual Using Media Wiki Technology | Abstract
Tim A. Wool, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Taking SPARROW to the Web: A Tool for Water-Quality Research and Resource Management | Abstract
Nathaniel L. Booth, Eric Everman, U.S. Geological Survey

Monitoring, Modeling and Decision Making: Making It Work | Abstract
Thomas E. Davenport, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Donald W. Meals, Steven A. Dressing, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Session I3 -  Integration of Water Monitoring in New Jersey

Moderator: Art Garceau

New Jersey Water Monitoring Coordinating Council: Integrating Monitoring Across a State Water Monitoring Community | Abstract
Leslie J. McGeorge, Alena Baldwin-Brown, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Richard H. Kropp, U.S. Geological Survey

Monitoring for Historical and Emerging Contaminants in Resident Fish in the Delaware River | Abstract
Thomas J. Fikslin, Gregory J. Cavallo, Delaware River Basin Commission

Land-Use Patterns and Aquatic and Wetland Resources in the New Jersey Pinelands | Abstract
Nicholas A. Procopio, New Jersey Pinelands Commission

Supporting the Needs for Integrated Assessment of Coastal Waters by Leveraging Monitoring Required for Shellfish Growing Water Classification | Abstract
Deborah Watkins, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Session I4 - Development of Integrated Observation and Information Delivery Systems

Moderator: Chris Lochner

More Precise Assessment of Benthic Conditions in Delaware Bay Using Probability Survey Data, Targeted Sampling and Acoustic Habitat Maps | Abstract
Henry A. Walker, Jeff Hollister, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Bart Wilson, Robert Scarborough, David Carter, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control; Danielle Kreeger, Krista Laudenbauch-Nelson, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary; Amie Howell, Charles Strobel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

WEMAS/DEWOOS – A Watershed Environmental Monitoring and Analysis System for the Delaware River/Bay System | Abstract
David R. Legates, Daniel J. Leathers, Tracy DeLiberty, Geoffrey E. Quelch, Kevin R. Brinson, Linda W. Parrish, University of Delaware

Observing Storm-Induced Sediment Resuspension Processes in the Mid-Atlantic Bight with Slocum Gliders | Abstract
Scott Glenn, Rutgers University; Clayton Jones, Webb Research Corporation; Michael Twardowski, WET Labs, Inc.; Louis Bowers, John Kerfoot, Josh Kohut, Rutgers University; Doug Webb, Webb Research Corporation; Oscar Schofield, Rutgers University

Combining Satellites and Bioinformatics to Actively Track and Monitor Ocean Water Masses from Regional to Global Scales | Abstract
Matthew J. Oliver, University of Delaware; Andrew J. Irwin, Mount Allison University; Oscar M. Schofield, Rutgers University

Session I5 - Effectively Communicating Results

Moderator: Paul Zevin

A Graphical Presentation of Water Quality Data in Time and Space | Abstract
Peter G. Stoks, Association of Rhine Water Works

An Approach to Assessing Comparative Water Resource Condition of National Capital Region Parks | Abstract
Marian Norris, Patrick Campbell, Shawn Carter, Mark Lehman, Tom Paradis, James Pieper, Geof Sanders, John Paul Schmit, National Park Service

Get Connected to the Network – Communicating Your Results | Abstract
Tony Williams, The Coalition for Buzzards Bay

Use of Indicators in Environmental Decision-Making | Abstract
Jawed Hameedi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Workshop E - Macroinvertebrate Monitoring: Training and Education for Volunteers

Speaker: Kristen Travers, Stroud Water Research Center

Short Course D - Enabling Watershed Protection with NHDPlus and Geospatial Analysis, Parts 1 & 2

Tommy Dewald, US EPA
Cindy McKay, Horizon Systems Corporation

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