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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session J

Session J1 - Monitoring and Assessment of Lake Populations at Multiple Scales

Moderator: Jim Kurtenbach
Evaluation of the Littoral Fish Assemblage to Assess Biological Integrity in New Jersey Lakes | Abstract
James Kurtenback, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; John Vile, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

New Jersey Ambient Lake Monitoring Network | Abstract
Victor Poretti, Johannus Franken, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

National Lake Assessment Monitoring Design | Abstract
Anthony R. Olsen, David V. Peck, Steven G. Paulsen, Carol Peterson, Susan Holdsworth, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Preliminary Assessments of Cyanotoxin Occurrence in the United States | Abstract
Keith A. Loftin, Jennifer L. Graham, Michael T. Meyer, Andrew C. Ziegler, Julie E. Dietze, U.S. Geological Survey; Susan Holdsworth, Ellen Tarquinio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Session J2 - Biological Responses to Human Land Use Gradients

Moderator: Jim Harrison

The “Mytilotheca”: A Bank of 30 Years Mussel Tissue Samples Collected Along the French Coast in the Framework of the Marine Environment Monitoring | Abstract
Jena-Francois Chiffoleau, Joel Knoery, Didier Claisse, Michel Marchand, IFREMER

The Use of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assessments in the Stressor Identification Process to Reduce Chemical Analytical Costs | Abstract
William Honachefsky, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Building the Linkages Between Nutrient Enrichment and Stream Ecosystem Impairment in the Midwest: Development of Multimetric Biotic Indices | Abstract
Julia A. Hambrook Berkman, Jeffrey W. Frey, Amanda H. Bell, U.S. Geological Survey

Investigation of Surface Water Groundwater Interactions as a Basis to Adjust Municipal Land Use Policy in Pennsylvania: Stewardship Implications for Deep Aquifer Water Supply and Stream-Breeding Salamanders | Abstract
James Shallenberger, Paul Cooper, Scott McBurney, Robert Stanfield, Princeton Hydro, LLC

Session J3 -  Wetlands Assessments

Moderator: Michael Scozzafava

Assessing the Condtion of Gulf of Mexico Coastal Wetlands | Abstract
Janet A. Nestlerode, Virginia D. Engle, John Macauley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Pete Bourgeois, P. Thomas Heitmuller, U.S. Geological Survey

Assessment of Wetland Condition in the Prairie Pothole Region | Abstract
Edward “Shawn” DeKeyser, Christina Hargiss, North Dakota State University

The Mid-Atlantic States Regional Wetlands Assessment | Abstract
Denice Heller Wardrop, Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center; Regina Poeske, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Robert P. Brooks, Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center; Carl Hershner, Kirk Havens, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment in New England | Abstract
Jeanne Voorhees, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Kerry Strout, New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

Session J4 - Real Time Monitoring

Moderator: Meredith Pavlick

New Jersey’s Use of a Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Network and Aircraft Remote Sensing | Abstract
Robert Schuster, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Network in New Jersey Coastal Waters | Abstract
Robert Connell, Jr., Robert S. Schuster, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

St. Clair River – Lake St. Clair Drinking Water Protection Project: Part 2 – Implementation | Abstract
James W. Ridgway, Annette DeMaria, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.

Session J5 - Making the Transition to Healing: Effectiveness Monitoring for Better Management Decisions

Moderator: Don Dycus

Using Monitoring and Research to Direct Management of River Floodplain Restoration Along the Illinois River, Illinois | Abstract
A.M. Lemke, James Herkert, K.D. Blodgett, T. Hobson, Illinois Chapter of The Nature Conservancy; M.J. Lemke, T. Guinan, University of Illinois at Springfield

Triage for the Urban Stream: Healing Big Problems Over Troubled, Little Waters | Abstract
Richard R. Pardi, Michael Sebetich, William Paterson University

Restoration Effectiveness Monitoring and Citizen Involvement | Abstract
Cheryl Snyder, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Workshop F - Quality Assurance - It CAN Be a Success Story!

Speakers: Marcus Kantz, Paula Zevin, US EPA Region 2

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