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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session K

Session K1 - Beach Monitoring 1

Moderator: Leslie McGeorge

New Jersey’s Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program – Evaluating Beaches by Land and Air
Virginia Loftin, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Improved Enumeration of Enterococcus on MEI (ME Medium Supplemented with Indoxyl-B-D Glucoside), Using Colony Morphology and PCR/DNA Sequencing
Elizabeth B. Cosgrove, Monmouth County Department of Public Health

Comparison of Enterococcus Measurements in Marine Beach and Bay Samples by Quantitative (Real-Time) Polymerase Chain Reaction, Membrane Filtration and Enterolert | Abstract
James A. Ferretti, Hiep V. Tran, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Virginia K. Loftin, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Becky Cosgrove, Monmouth County Health Department; John Protonentis, Ocean County Health Department

Water Quality Monitoring Along the New Jersey Shore: Linking a Sustained Ocean Observatory with State and Local Monitoring Programs | Abstract
Josh Kohut, Rutgers University; Bill Simmons, Monmouth County Health Department; Bob Connell, Virginia Loftin, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Scott Glenn, Rutgers University

Session K2 - Geochemical Characteristic and Trend Monitoring of Contaminants in Groundwater

Moderator: Tracy Hancock

Redox Characteristics and Water Quality in Selected Principal Aquifers: Implications for Ground-Water Monitoring | Abstract
Gary L. Rowe, Jr., Peter B. McMahon, Francis H. Chapette, U.S. Geological Survey

Evaluating Temporal Changes (Trends) in Ground-Water Quality Across the United States | Abstract
John Dougherty, Seth Kellogg, Susan Schofield, CDM; Grant Anderson, Lorenzo Thantu, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Characterizing Long-Term Changes in Groundwater Contamination Using Data from Multiple Sources | Abstract
John Dougherty, Seth Kellogg, Susan Schofield, CDM; Grant Anderson, Lorenzo Thantu, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Natural and Human Influences on Water Quality in a Shallow Regional Unconsolidated Aquifer, Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain | Abstract
Tracy C. Hancock, Scott W. Ator, Judith M. Denver, U.S. Geological Survey

Session K3 -  Adding to Our Water Quality and Watershed Monitoring Toolkits II

Moderator: David Tucker

Rapid E-Mail Notification of Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Results for the Delaware River Basin | Abstract
John Yagecic, Delaware River Basin Commission

Water Quality Monitoring to Empower Wanaque Supply System Management | Abstract
Pen C. Tao, Dag Madara, New Jersey District Water Supply Commission

Using Underwater Gliders to Improve Water Quality Sampling | Abstract
Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Scott Glenn, Rutgers University

Developing a National Best Management Practices Program for the U.S. Forest Service | Abstract
Sherry Hazelhurst, Pamela J. Edwards, Richard Henderson, Ken Roby, Joan Y. Carlson, Russell A. LaFayette, Brian Staab, Hilaire Bojonell, Michael J. Furniss, U.S. Forest Service

Session K4 - Measuring the Effects of Urbanization

Moderator: Tony Shaw

Anthropogenic Impacts to Fish Assemblages in Northern New Jersey Streams | Abstract
John Vile, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Of Bugs and Men… Putting Together Human Impacts on Urban Streams Using Bio-Indicators and Geomorphology | Abstract
Marty D. Matlock, Kyle M. Kruger, Eric Cummings, University of Arkansas

Understanding Relations Between Urbanization and Stream Habitat Degradation – Is It Possible with Traditional Habitat Assessment Methods?
Faith A. Fitzpatrick, Marie C. Pepper, U.S. Geological Survey

Session K5 - Innovative Approaches to Education and Training

Moderator: Elizabeth Herron

New Innovations in Training Issues That Have Been Encountered with USEPA Region VIII Tribes | Abstract
Michiko Burns, Southern Ute Indian Tribe; Dave Wilcox, Gold Systems, Inc.

Water Quality Monitoring: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Education and Research | Abstract
Michael Robinson, Ella Ingram, Penney Miller, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Shellfish Restoration: Aquaculture, Stewardship, and Education | Abstract
Cara Musico, Gef Flimlin, Rutgers Cooperative Extension; Rick Bushness, ReClam the Bay

Ready, Set, Check Your Watershed: A Unique Approach to Community Based Stream Monitoring to Assess Watershed Health | Abstract
Joyce Chau, Citizens’ Environmental Watch; Sarah Hogg, Halton Regional Conservation Authority; Less W. Stanfield, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Session K6 - National Wetland Condition Assessment: Indicators and Reference Condition, Part I

Don Faber-Langendon, Natureserve
Chris Faulkner, Elizabeth Riley, Michael Scozzafava, US EPA
Anthony Olsen, US EPA Western Ecology Division


Session K7 - Methods and Data Comparability for Water Quality Sensors, Part I

Speakers: Eric Vowinkel, Dan Sullivan, Methods and Data Comparability Board

Presentation | Abstract

Short Course E - Methods and Tools for Calculating Relative Bed Stability, Parts 1 & 2

Speakers: Phil Kaufmann, US EPA; Larry Willis, VA DEQ

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