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Sixth National Monitoring Conference Results - Session L

Session L1 - Beach Monitoring II

Moderator: Mary Skopec

Integrating GPS/GIS Technologies into the Shoreline Survey | Abstract
Quentin Forrest, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

Beach Advisories: Improving Water Quality Notification with Regression Modeling and NHDPlus | Abstract
Michele Cutrofello, Timothy Bondelid, Breda Munoz, RTI International

The Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force | Abstract
Mara Dias, Surfrider Foundation

Monitoring Priorities for Lake Michigan Beaches
Norman G. Grannemann, U.S. Geological Survey

Session L2 -Groundwater Contaminant Monitoring

Moderator: Cary Betz

National and New Jersey Statewide Surveys of the Occurrence of Short-Lived Radioisotopes in Ground-Water Supplies and Implications for Monitoring Programs | Abstract
Zoltan Szabo, U.S. Geological Survey

The Probability of Contamination of Ground Water by Nitrate in New Jersey | Abstract
E.F. Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey

Reconnaissance Survey of Arsenic Species, Radionuclides, and Other Naturally Occurring Contaminants in Water from Municipal Supply Wells, Houston, Texas | Abstract
Jeannette H. Oden, Timothy D. Oden, Zoltan Szabo, U.S. Geological Survey

Ground-Water Monitoring for Pesticides in Agricultural Areas of Pennsylvania – A Long-Term Plan | Abstract
Kevin J. Breen, Connie A. Loper, U.S. Geological Survey; Donald Gilbert, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Session L3 -  Moving Beyond Grab Samples

Moderator: Gayle Rominger

The Utility of High Frequency Nutrient Monitoring in Post-Auditing of Nonpoint Source Load Estimating Models | Abstract
Hassan Mirsajadi, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control; William Ullman, Scott Andres, University of Delaware; Jennifer Volk, Delaware Depatment of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Continuous Monitoring of a Unique Hydrologic System: Sylvan Pass, Yellowstone National Park | Abstract
Pete Penoyer, Gary Rosenlieb, National Park Service; Henry Heasler, Yellowstone National Park

Drinking Water Security: Determining the Long-Term Background Variability of Water Quality and Performance of Sensors in a Distributed System | Abstract
Ronald J. Baker, E.F. Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey

Approach Development and Testing of a Source Water Monitoring Manual for Canada’s  First Nations | Abstract
Robert J. Phillips, Rob Kent, Daria Klonowska, Mike Meunier, National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada

Session L4 - Data Management and Exchange III

Moderator: Sandy Williamson

Enhancing the Value of Water Monitoring Data through Data Integration and Collaboration | Abstract
Joe Purohit, EcoLayers, Inc.; Dave Gibson, Lilian Busse, San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board

Online Access to USGS Water-Resources Data | Abstract
Gary T. Fisher, U.S. Geological Survey

A Centralized Data Storage and Retrieval System for USGS Water Resources Discipline Aquatic Community Data | Abstract
Peter M. Ruhl, Mitchell A. Harris, Alex K. (Sandy) Williamson, U.S. Geological Survey

Water Availability: Examining Quantity, Quality, and Use | Abstract
Eric J. Evenson, U.S. Geological Survey

Session L5 - Strength in Numbers: Partnering with Volunteers

Moderator: Linda Green

Citizen-Based Emergency Response Monitoring | Abstract
Danielle Donkersloot, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Faith Zerbe, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

The Ripple Effect: Exploring Georgia’s Unique State and Local Partnerships | Abstract
Alison Hughes, Georgia Adopt-A-Stream; Jennifer McCoy, Cobb County Adopt-A-Stream

The Service Providers’ Toolkit for Volunteer Monitoring | Abstract
Julie Vastine, Dickinson College

Citizen Science: The Keys to a Sustainable Program | Abstract
Ginger North, Delaware Nature Society

Session L6 - National Wetland Condition Assessment: Indicators and Reference Condtion, Part 2

Don Faber-Langendon, Natureserve
Chris Faulkner, Elizabeth Riley, Michael Scozzafava, US EPA
Anthony Olsen, US EPA Western Ecology Division

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