Proceedings of the 1998 NWQMC National Monitoring Conference

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Track A - Monitoring Design Strategies

A Locally Designed Watershed Monitoring Program
John Cavese, Beth Siebert

Design of Stream Sampling Networks and a GIS Method for Assessing Spatial Bias
Alison C. Simcox

Designing a Comprehensive, Integrated Water Resources Monitoring Program for Florida
Kevin Summers, Rick Copeland, Tom Singleton, Sam Upchurch, Anthony Janicki

Coordinating Site-Specific NPDES Monitoring to Achieve Regional Monitoring in Southern California
>Janet Y. Hashimoto, Stephen B. Weisberg

Trends in Bottom-Sediment Quality and Water Quality in the San Juan Bay Estuary System, Puerto Rico
Richard M.T. Webb and Fernando Gómez-Gómez

Warm Season Algal Populations in Four Long Island Sound Harbors
Steven Yergeau

Performance-Based Quality Assurance--The NOAA National Status and Trends Program Experience
A.Y. Cantillo, G.G. Lauenstein

Trend Detection in Land Use and Water Quality Data for the Herrings Marsh Run Watershed
J.M. Rice, J. Spooner, M.G. Cook, K.C. Stone, S.W. Coffey, F.J. Humenik, P.G. Hunt

Alternatives for Evaluating Water Quality and BMP Effectiveness at the Watershed Scale
George Ice, Ray Whittemore

Water Quality Monitoring in a Developing Coastal Region: Fear and Loathing in Calabash, North Carolina
Janice E. Nearhoof, Lawrence B. Cahoon

Spatial and Temporal Trace Level Monitoring Study of South San Francisco Bay
Daniel Watson, Lisa Weetman, Donald Arnold, Charles Allen, Kenneth Lee, James Powars, Joe Theisen, Hannah Truong, Robert Wandro

Water Quality Assessment Program in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida: II. Redesigning a Monitoring Network
Gilbert C. Sigua, Joel S. Steward, Janice D. Miller, Wendy A. Tweedale

Improving Indicator Selection for Regional Stormwater Monitoring
Brock B. Bernstein, Michael Drennan

Storm Water MetalsCIssues and Historical Trends, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Erich R. Brandstetter

Monitoring and Assessing the Environmental and Health Risks of Separate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)
Sarah J. Meyland, Melinda Lalor, Robert Pitt

A Comprehensive Approach to Urban Stormwater Impact Assessment
Betsy Johnson, Kimberly Yandora, Scott Bryant

Identifying the Potential for Nitrate Contamination of Streams in Agricultural Areas of the United States
David K. Mueller, Jeffrey D. Stoner

Key Water Quality Monitoring Questions: Designing Monitoring and Assessment Systems to Meet Multiple Objectives
James E. Harrison

Gaining Public Support for Urban Water Quality Management via Monitoring
Adrienne Greve, Robert C. Ward

Using d18O and dD to Quantify Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions in Karst Systems of Florida
Brian G. Katz

Water Quality Monitoring for Integrated Wastewater and Stormwater Management
Lawrence B. Cahoon, Janice E. Nearhoof

Monitoring the Beneficial Impacts of CSO Control Implementation
Carol L. Hufnagel, Vyto P. Kaunelis

History, Goals and Redesign of New Jersey's Ambient Ground Water Quality Network
Michael E. Serfes

A Reconnaissance for New, Low-Application Rate Herbicides in Surface and Ground Water in the Midwestern United States, 1998
William A. Battaglin, Edward T. Furlong, Mark Burkhardt, C. John Peter

Track B--Methodology and Information Sharing

A Comparison of Water-Quality Sample Collection Methods Used by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Phil A. Kammerer, Jr., Herbert S. Garn, Paul W. Rasmussen, Joseph R. Ball

Quantification of Dioxin Concentrations in the Ohio River Using High Volume Water Sampling
Samuel A. Dinkins, Jason P. Heath

An Alternative Regression Method for Constituent Loads from Streams
Ping Wang, Lewis C. Linker

Determining Comparability of Bioassessment Methods and Their Results
Jerome Diamond, James Stribling, Chris Yoder

Performance Based Methods System
Ann B. Strong

High-Resolution Water-Column Profiles of Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Payatte Lake, Idaho
Paul F. Woods

Comparison of Temporal Trends in Ambient and Compliance Trace Element and PCB Data in Pool 2 of the Mississippi River, 1985-95
Jesse Anderson, Jim Perry

Tailoring of Data Quality Objectives to Specific Monitoring Questions
Revital Katznelson

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan for Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Monitoring Research
Tamim Younos, Saied Mostaghimi, Carol Newell, Phillip McClellan

Calabazas Creek Pilot Sediment Sampling Study
Terence D. Cooke, David D. Drury

Binational Water Quality Monitoring Activities Along the Arizona-Sonora Border Region
Mario Castaneda

Enhancements of Nonpoint-Source Monitoring Programs to Assess Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation=s Ground Water
Wayne W. Lapham, Michael J. Moran, John S. Zogorski

Middle Gila River Watershed Water Quantity, Water Quality, and Biological/Habitat Assessment Study, Phoenix, Arizona
Mike Gritzuk, Paul Kinshella, Robert Hollander, Andrew Richardson, Frank Turek, Juliet Johnson

Environmental Monitoring Program to Support the Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project
Louis C. Regenmorter, Vyto P. Kaunelis

Translation of Water Quality to Usabilities for the Catawba River Basin
Carl W. Chen, Joel Herr, Laura Ziemelis, Robert A. Goldstein, Larry Olmsted

Track C -- Indicators and Reference Conditions

Biological Criteria Development for the Ohio River,
E.B. Emery, A.H. Vicory, Jr.

Rapid Bioassessment of Benthic Macroinvertebrates Illustrates Water Quality in Small Order Urban Streams in a North Carolina Piedmont City
Kimberly Yandora

Bioassessments in Arizona: What is Different about Biomonitoring in Southwestern Streams?
Patti Spindler

Development of a Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity for Maryland Streams
James B. Stribling, Jeffrey S. White, Benjamin K. Jessup, Daniel Boward, Martin Hurd

The Influence of Land Use and Stream Morphology on Urban Stream Water Quality
Judith A. Gerlach Okay

Development of Biocriteria for Wetlands in Montana
Randall S. Apfelbeck

Indicators of Reservoir Ecological Condition
Don L. Dycus

Evaluation of Wet Weather Pollution Sources on Large Rivers Utilizing Biological Communities
Geoffrey M. Edwards, Peter A. Tennant, John T. Lyons

Evaluation Monitoring as an Alternative to Conventional Water Quality Monitoring for Water Quality Characterization/Management
Anne Jones-Lee, G. Fred Lee

The Index of Watershed IndicatorsCAn Evolving National Tool Chuck Spooner, Sarah Lehmann

An Analysis of Long-Term Water Quality Trends in Virginia
Carl E. Zipper, Golde I. Holtzman, Patrick Darken, Pamela Thomas, Jason Gildea, Leonard Shabman

Loads and Yields of Suspended Sediment and Nutrients for Selected Watersheds in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada
Timothy G. Rowe

Track D - Linking Monitoring to Environmental Management and Decision Making

Use of a Numerical Rating Model to Determine the Vulnerability of Community Water-Supply Wells in New Jersey to Contamination by Pesticides
Eric F. Vowinkel

The Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring ProgramCCase Study of Coordinated Regional/State Monitoring
Scott Redman

Integrating Ambient and Compliance Monitoring in the Kennebec River Basin, Maine
Keith Robinson, David Courtemanch

Evaluation of Nutrient Loads and Sources in the Ohio River Basin
Deborah M. Olszowka, Jason P. Heath, Peter A. Tennant

Institutional Challenges in MonitoringCStream Gaging as an Example
Emery T. Cleaves

Integrating Upland and In-Channel Monitoring Results to Improve Ecosystem Condition at Heavenly Ski Resort
Sherry Hazelhurst

Monitoring Ground Water Quality
A. Roger Anzzolin, Mary Siedlecki

Developing a Multi-Agency 305(b) Monitoring Program for the Coastal Waters of Alabama
Kevin Summers, John Carlton, Steve Heath

Important Concepts and Elements of an Adequate State Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Program
Chris O. Yoder

Linking Water Quality Data for Source Water Protection Assessments
Steven P. Roy

Deficiencies in Subtitle D Landfill Liner Failure and Groundwater Pollution Monitoring
G. Fred Lee, PhD, PE, DEE, President Anne Jones-Lee, PhD, Vice President


Nitrate in Ground Waters of the United States
Bernard T. Nolan, Barbara C. Ruddy, Kerie J. Hitt, and Dennis R. Helsel

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