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National Monitoring Network Design


We have compiled the Design Report below in several formats.
The sections of the report consist of:

   .doc (Microsoft WORD DOC FILES),
   .html (HTML files)
   .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Files)

Cover Page (Word.doc)

Executive Summary (Word.doc)

ACWI APPROVED REPORT (PDF File) Entire Report with graphics

National Water Quality Monitoring Proposal

Appendix 1-1 (WORD FILE)

Appendix 1-1 (HTTP FILE)

National Monitoring Network Work Group Members

Appendix 1-2 (WORD FILE)




Federal Monitoring Inventory

Appendix 3-1 EXCEL FILE

Appendix 3-1 HTML FILE

Sampling Stations for Near Shore Waters

Appendix 3-2 Word Doc

Appendix 3-2 HTML FILE

Criteria for establishing lake depth zones and embayments in the Great Lakes

Appendix 3-3 Word Doc

Appendix 3-3 HTML FILE

Great Lakes Drainage River Monitoring Sites

Appendix 3-4 EXCEL FILE

Appendix 3-4 HTML FILE

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program and Associated Monitoring Efforts

Appendix 3-5 Word Doc

Appendix 3-5 HTML File

Appendix 3-5 PDF

List of Coastal Areas Designated By Federal Programs –
Where Water Quality Monitoring is Already Underway

Appendix Table 3-6 Word Doc

Appendix Table 3-6a HTML File

Appendix Table 3-6a PDF File




Towards a Definition of Performance-Based Laboratory Methods
(Methods Board Position Paper)

Appendix 4-1 (Word FILE)

Appendix 4-1 (HTML FILE)

Appendix 4-1 (PDF FILE)


National Monitoring Network - Nitrate Methods/Data

Appendix 4-2 (Word FILE)

Appendix 4-2 (HTML FILE)


Why A National Environmental Methods Index is Needed

Appendix 4-3 (Word FILE)

Appendix 4-3 (HTML FILE)


Data Elements for Reporting Water Quality Monitoring Results for Chemical, Biological, Toxicological, and Microbiological Analytes

Appendix 4-4 (Word FILE)

Appendix 4-4 (HTML FILE)


Accreditation of Laboratory and Field Activities for Water Quality Monitoring

Appendix 4-5 (Word FILE)

Appendix 4-5 (HTML FILE)




Scope of the Issues Surrounding Water Quality Data Management and a Review of Modern (2005) Data Management Systems

Appendix5-1 WORD DOC


Examples of Federal Information-Exchange Networks Based On Web Services

Appendix5-2 WORD DOC

Core Web Services for Water Data

Appendix5-3 WORD DOC





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