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National Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and Tributaries

San Francisco Bay Region Demonstration Area

Thumbnail image, SF Bay DEmo Area sampling pointsThe project encompasses the San Francisco estuary, the largest estuary on the west coast. The delta and the estuary are an important area of biological diversity and are a key transit point for migrating birds. The surrounding watersheds are highly urbanized; approximately 8 million people work and live around the San Francisco estuary.

Long-term, integrated, and multi-organizational studies conducted over 40 years in San Francisco Bay—known for the longest sustained program of research and observation in a U.S. coastal ecosystem—help resource managers and resource protection agencies understand the response of the Bay’s aquatic community to the combined effects of climate variability, urbanization, changes in the hydrologic system, and the introduction of nutrients, organic contaminants, and trace elements.

Characteristics of the Pilot Areas (PDF)