Power Point Presentations of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council

Presentations from the November 8-10, 2005 meeting in Pensacola, Florida

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  1. Combining Long-Term and High Frequency Water Quality Data to Understand Ecological Processes in Estuaries - Jane Caffrey, University of West Florida

  2. Conference Planning Update - Jeff Schloss, University of New Hampshire

  3. Response to Assess Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina - Virginia Engle and John M. Macauley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  4. Gulf Hypoxia Research - Richard M. Greene, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  5. Coral Research - John E. Rogers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  6. Interspecies Correlation Extrapolation Modeling - Sandy Raimondo, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  7. Methods and Data Comparability Board - Eric Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey

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