Power Point Presentations of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council

Presentations from the February 2011 meeting in Pensacola, Florida

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  1. Tribute to Barry Long

  2. Collaboration and Outreach Workgroup Update - Cathy Tate, US Geological Survey and Barb Horn, Colorado Division of Wildlife

  3. National Water Quality Monitoring Council - 8th Annual National Monitoring Conference - C&O Workgroup Breakout - Cathy Tate, US Geological Survey and Jeff Schloss, University of New Hampshire

  4. Methods Board - An Update for the Aquatic Sensors Workgroup - Dan Sullivan, US Geological Survey

  5. Data Management Updates - Kristen Gunthardt, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Nate Booth, US Geological Survey

  6. Highlighting Collaborative Partnerships - Mark Nilles, US Geological Survey

  7. Establishing a collaborative and multipurpose long-term National Network of Reference Watersheds and Monitoring Sites for Freshwater Streams in the United States - Bill Wilber, US Geological Survey

  8. Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research - Mike McDonald, US Environmental Protection Agency

  9. Numeric Nutrient Criteria: Methods for Developing Inland Criteria - Jacques Oliver, US Environmental Protection Agency

  10. Methods for Development of Numeric Nutrient Criteria: Lessons from Florida Estuaries - James Hagy, US Environmental Protection Agency

  11. Overview of EPA's Promulgated Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Flowing Waters (Streams, Lakes, and Springs) - Julie Espy, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  12. Gulf of Mexico Alliance - Nutrients Priority Issue Team - Kim Caviness, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

  13. Developing an on-line taxonomic guide to the freshwater diatoms of the United States: scope, process and initial steps - Steve Moulton and Sarah Spaulding, US Geological Survey

  14. Gulf of Mexico Alliand - What the heck is that? - Steve Wolfe, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  15. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative - Phil Bass, Gulf of Mexico Alliance

  16. NOAA's Response - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - Gunnar Lauenstein, National Oceanic and Almospheric Administration

  17. Compared to What? - Donna Myers, US Geological Survey

  18. Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force - Jan Kurtz, US Environmental Protection Agency

  19. Hypoxia Task Force - Richard Ingram, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

  20. Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System - Ann Jochens, Texas A&M University

  21. FLCOOS Consortium - Peter Sheng, University of Florida

  22. National Coastal Data Development Center - Overview - Fred Zeile, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  23. Water Information Strategies - Peter Tennant and Mary Skopec

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