Power Point Presentations of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council

Presentations from the March 2009 meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah

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  1. Climate and Other Environmental Changes Recorded in Ice Cores from Wyoming - David Naftz, U.S. Geological Survey; Paul Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey; Liz Oswald, U.S. Forest Service; Kirk Miller, U.S. Geological Survey; Craig Johnson, U.S. Geological Survey

  2. Progress Toward a Nationwide Ground-Water Monitoring Network - Bill Cunningham, U.S. Geological Survey; Bob Schreiber, CDM; Chris Reimer, National Ground Water Association

  3. Lake Michigan Pilot - John Hummer, Great Lakes Commission

  4. Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council & Our Keystone Project, the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) - Karl Hermann, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  5. State/Regional Monitoring Councils: Lake Michigan - Gary Kohlhepp, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

  6. Mid-Atlantic Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System -

  7. Designing Monitoring Programs to Evaluate BMP Effectiveness - Nancy Mesner, Utah State University; Ginger Paige, University of Wyoming; Andree Walker, USEE

  8. National Water Quality Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and their Tributaries - Tracy Hancock, U.S. Geological Survey

  9. New Jersey's Water Monitoring Coordinating Council - Leslie McGeorge, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

  10. National Monitoring Network for Coastal Waters and their Tributaries: the Delaware River Basin Pilot Inventory and Demonstration Projects - Eric Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey; Josh Kohut, Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences

  11. The National Estuarine Research Reserve System Wide Monitoring Program - Dwayne Porter, USC; Whitley Saumweber, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  12. San Francisco Bay Pilot - Katie Harrold, San Francisco Estuary Institute; David Schoellhamer, U.S. Geological Survey

  13. San Francisco Estuary Pilot Study - Katie Harrold, Sarah Lowe, Mike Connor, Meredith Williams, and Meg Sedlak, San Francisco Estuary Institute

  14. National Monitoring Network for Coastal Waters and their Tributaries: the Delaware River Basin Demonstration Project - Eric Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey

  15. Gulf of Mexico Alliance and Florida - Steve Wolfe, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  16. The Virginia Water Monitoring Council - Tamim Younos, National Institutes for Water Resources

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