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Collaboration and Outreach Workgroup

Supporting State and Regional Water Monitoring Councils

Mission of the Collaboration and Outreach Work Group: Common Elements of State/Regional Councils:

Support the creation and building of partnerships which foster collaboration among the water monitoring community, including fostering state and regional councils.


  • Communicate Among Partners
  • Coordinate Throughout the Monitoring Process
  • Collaborate on Watershed-Based Monitoring
  • Document Monitoring Activities
  • Monitor Water Resources Efficiently
  • Raise Public Awareness
  • Keep the Process Inclusive
Common Activities of State/Regional Councils:
  • Network design and coordination
  • Data Inventory and Management (Includes GIS)
  • Annual Conferences
  • Field and Analytical Methods of QA/QC
  • Data Interpretation or Reporting
  • Raise Public Awareness
  • Inclusiveness