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Photograph of
 Chincoteague National Refuge

Indiana Water Monitoring Council Field Day - A Cost-Effective Capacity-Building Collaboration (Sept 2010)

Colorado’s Data Sharing Network - How to Foster Effective Information Exchange at the Watershed Level (April 2010)

Volunteer Monitoring Community Continues to Grow (April 2010)

Tribal Water Quality News (April 2010)

Otter Lake '05 - A Successful Response - Summer 2005 Toxic Algae Monitoring Results in Illinois -- A collaborative monitoring project Illinois EPA and many other partners pulled together to look at potentially toxic algae at Otter Lake and 21 other lake and stream sites throughout Illinois.

Connecticut River Watch Program - The Connecticut River Watch Program (CRWP) is a support service for community-based watershed management programs working in the Connecticut River basin in Connecticut.

The Cuyahoga River Watershed - Restoring an American Heritage River - The Cuyahoga Remedial Action Plan process began in 1988 when the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency formed the Cuyahoga River RAP Coordinating Committee (CCC), consisting of 33 representatives from local, regional, state and federal agencies, private corporations, and citizen and environmental organizations. The mission of the RAP is to plan and promote the restoration and preservation of beneficial uses of the lower Cuyahoga River and near-shore Lake Erie through remediation of existing conditions and prevention of further pollution and degradation.

Monitoring Design Case Studies Employing a "Monitoring Framework" Type of Design/Planning Strategy

  1. Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) Monitoring Plan
  2. New Zealand National Water Quality Monitoring Program (Designed and operated by the National Institutes for Water and Atmospheric Research, Ltd. - NIWA)
  3. Denver Water Department's Source Water Monitoring Plan
  4. Ground Water Quality Data Analysis Protocol for IBM East Fishkill, NY
  5. Work Plan for conducting a Mass Balance Study for selected toxic contaminants in Lake Michigan