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The National Newsletter of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring

Welcome to Volunteer Monitoring News, a new electronic newsletter written for – and by – the volunteer monitoring community. This newsletter is about your efforts.

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The Volunteer Monitoring News newsletter revives the exchange of information since the last issue of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Volunteer Monitor last published (Spring of 2010).

Volunteer Monitoring News is intended to be something entirely different: comparatively brief, news-oriented, and issued electronically, on a quarterly basis via a listserve notice, with direct input solicited from your newsletters, websites, or Facebook pages – whatever you use to get the word out about your program. We are looking for stories with national applicability, with topics as varied as monitoring successes, new lab or field methods, new partnerships, improved approaches to sustaining your program, scientific findings or tips on improving quality assurance.

Currently, our editors are former members of The Volunteer Monitor's editorial board, but we are looking to establish a new editorial board. If you have the time to search for, write, edit, or review new articles or track down events for our calendar, let us know. Contact Alice Mayio at mayio.alice@epa.gov or Barb Horn at barb.horn@state.co.us to express your interest in serving on the editorial board, or to submit articles, photos or calendar entries for the next newsletter.

Contributions of articles, photos, and announcements from volunteer monitoring organizations are encouraged but their inclusion in future editions cannot be guaranteed. All contributions must include contributor's name, address, affiliation, email, and phone number.

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To automatically subscribe to Volunteer Monitoring News, just send a blank email message to volmon_news-subscribe@lists.epa.gov. Otherwise, you may directly email Alice Mayio and request that your email address be added to our subscription notification list.

By subscribing, an email notification will be sent to you when a new issue is available.

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The original Volunteer Monitor Newsletter, created by EPA, covers diverse and common topics. Review the issues and you might save time and money!

Use the Subject Index (PDF) (6 pp, 58K - last updated summer 2008) to find your topic of interest.

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If you would like to add your newsletter link here, please E-mail Barb Horn with the name of your publication, a short description, and the web address .

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