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Shared Volunteer Monitoring Experiences

Photo of two volunteers monitor water quality of a lake

Two volunteers monitor water quality of a lake in Iowa City, IA.
Photograph by Mary Skopec (taken in June 2011)

Success Stories

We want to help document and celebrate your achievements as we help others learn from our experiences. To help you quickly find the type of story you are most interested in, we have organized recently shared experiences into 8 topics:

  1. ACTION/DECISION as a result of monitoring activities
  2. COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIPS for monitoring or other related activities
  6. DATA SHARING or exchanges
  7. FUNDING (including, source opportunities and fundraising ideas)
  8. OTHER types of stories

Interested in sharing your story?

Download and fill out our PDF formPDF icon to submit your experience. We'll ask about your program's objectives, what challenge or obstacle you or your team faced, and how you overcame this challenge. And with your permission, we would like to share your story through this website or the Volunteer Monitor Newsletter. Please send us your photos also to enrich your story!

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Action Stories

What are all these data for?
Explore what Colorado's River Watch data are used for.

Collaboration Stories

Story coming soon.

Volunteer Management Stories

River Watch Volunteers make the Program
Colorado's River Watch water-quality volunteerism is explained.

Stories about the Application of Field or Laboratory Methods

Story coming soon.

Data Management Stories

A Data Management Plan is a Priority for Success
Discover how Colorado's River Watch manages its abundance of volunteer monitoring data.

Data Sharing Stories

Volunteer Monitoring Aids Morro Bay Oyster Farms
Learn how California's Morro Bay National Estuary Program helped monitor bacteria conditions at local oyster farms.

Stories about Funding

How Colorado's River Watch is Funded
Learn about how Colorado funds its very successful River Watch Program.

All Other Types of Stories

Story coming soon.


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