Information Strategies Work Group Meeting Minutes

Annapolis, Maryland -- April 14, 2005

Herb Brass, Valerie Connor, Curtis Cude, Paul Currier, Don Dycus, Art Garceau, Fred Leslie, Rob Naumann, Chuck Spooner, Peter Tennant, Robert Ward.

After introductions, the minutes of San Jose meeting were reviewed. It was noted that both the Information Technology-in-Monitoring draft paper and monitoring guidance inventory have been placed on the NWQMC webpage under the Water Information Strategies Work Group button (/monitoring/workgroups/wis/).

Data Management
Concern was expressed about progress on the USGS-EPA MOU. A request for a full progress update at the New Hampshire meeting of the NWQMC will be prepared and sent to the signers of the MOU. In addition, a session on the MOU will be suggested for the 2006 National Monitoring Conference in San Jose.

The WIS Work Group recommends that the NWQMC establish a Data Management Work Group to help design the data management components to the National Monitoring Network

Comments on Design of NMN Information Components
The monitoring framework cogs of ‘Assess and Interpret Data’ and ‘Convey Results and Findings’ are part of the design of a National Water Quality Monitoring Network. A Subcommittee of the NMN Steering Committee is addressing the information products of the NMN, including data analysis methods, interpretation, and reporting.

It was suggested that a survey of ‘successful’ monitoring information products, along with related data analysis, interpretation and reporting methods, would be helpful in addressing these components in the NMN.

The question was raised: Will there be a regular information product from NMN? Or will the production of consistent data be the end goal? There was a comment to the effect that the issue being addressed by the NMN effort is not so much a lack of data as it is a lack of analysis, interpretation and reporting on a consistent basis.

Who will oversee preparation of the NMN information product? The National Water Quality Monitoring Council will oversee developing an information product, but the data will be available for other information purposes.

2006 National Monitoring Conference Session Recommendations

  1. NIWS/STORET MOU Status Update (Roll out of new ‘merging’ software?) Chuck Spooner has thoughts about how to structure this proposed session.
  2. Data management strategies for the NMN
  3. Data Exchange Network update session (Curtis Cude)
  4. Experiences from designing and operating “National” water quality monitoring networks/programs (an international session that Robert Ward volunteered to explore)
  5. Educating of the next generation of water quality monitoring professionals (Robert Ward and Fred Leslie)
  6. How to fund long-term water quality monitoring programs (if we truly want long-term water quality trends)?
  7. Conveying an answer to the “How are we doing?” question regarding water quality conditions (Jim Cox)
  8. Role of peer review in the design and operation of water quality monitoring systems (Garth Redfield)
  9. Session describing the efforts of the NWQMC to design a U.S. National Water Quality Monitoring Network.

It was also noted that proposals for conference workshops are welcomed by the Conference Planning Committee. There will be no extra charge for workshops at the 2006 conference.

Graham McBrides’ new book, Using Statistical Methods for Water Quality Management: Issues, Problems, and Solutions, is now available at the following URL.

Up Coming Conferences/Short Courses

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