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Advisory Committee on Water Information

Nutrient pollution affects more than 100,000 miles of rivers and streams, close to 2.5 million acres of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds, and more than 800 square miles of bays and estuaries in the United States. The EPA, USGS, and Blue Legacy International challenged solvers to utilize open government data sources to create compelling, innovative, and comprehensible visualizations that inform individuals and communities on nutrient pollution and inspire them to take action to prevent algal blooms and hypoxia in local watersheds. Below, please find links for the winner and runners up of the 2015 Visualizing Nutrients Challenge.

First Prize Winner:

A Resource Out of Place: The Story of Phosphorus, Lake Erie, and Toxic Algal Blooms

Matthew Seibert, Benjamin Wellington, and Eric Roy, of Landscape Metrics

first place project

Runner Ups:

LA River

Catherine Griffiths, Isohale

LA River projects picture

How does increasing nutrients affect you?

Amanda Winegardner, Dr. Zofia Taranu, Monica Granados, and Kristina Enciso

Increasing Nutrients projects picture

Visualizing Nutrients

Chris Echezabal

Visualizing Nutrients projects picture

The Silent Predator of the Deep Blue: Hypoxia

Kayla Brady, Sathya Ram, Michael Ruiz, Matthew Peters, and Thaumas Mathew, of Computer Aid, Inc.

Hypoxia projects picture

VizNut48: Nutrient Pollution in the US Surface Waters and Management Actions

Kerem Gungor

Nutrient Pollution projects picture

Visualizing Water Pollution Data Using Beck-Style Flow Path Maps

Prof. Edward Aboufadel of the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University and Daniel P. Huffman of somethingaboutmaps

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